Pennywise Tours

This is an at-a-glance summary of my minimum rates and timing sessions for tours in English. They are payable in GB pounds and are inclusive of all Government taxes.

Fees can be increased if a tour is requested that requires extra preparation or administrative work, or if it is being guided through an interpreter.

Please note special higher rates also apply on some public holidays – details on request.

Half-day tours – maximum length up to four hours – from £260.00

Morning tours end no later than 1pm
Afternoon tours start no earlier than 2pm
Evening tours start no earlier than 7pm

Full-day tours – maximum length up to nine hours – from £420.00

Hourly overtime – from £57.00

Lunch (if not provided) - £15.00

Dinner (where applicable) - £20.00

* Cancellation policy terms apply - details on request