Walking Over Water

The River Thames is the liquid highway of London. Come with me on a tour to discover how it shaped the city.

About The Tour

Using a combination of our own feet or public transport, including the marvellous boat services if we want, we can take in the breathtaking city views (on a clear day, we do get them – promise!).

A typical tour could start outside St Paul’s Cathedral, from where we can cross the Millennium Bridge of Harry Potter fame to view the Thames upstream and down and admire some of the other bridges that span the river.

More city delights greet us on the South Bank, for so many centuries, the poor relation to the north but now a buzzing, vibrant part of London. It has entertainingly sleazy and theatrical histories that were both once tarred with the same brush by an outraged public who spoke of their moral outrage while secretly partaking of the fleshpots!

Now all that collides with today’s colourful cityscape that attracts visitors galore. They are happy to mingle with the workers and residents of this side of London, perhaps not realising how places like the gourmet Borough Market shaped our past.

There are other exciting possibilities too if you want to spend longer exploring this fascinating area of London.  Why not stroll along the South Bank? It’s a must to see the river at its best and marvel at how the old and the new blend in with each other. Even better when the weather’s clear is to take a walk along the same section after dark. You’ll see how the lights sparkle on the river and show it and some of the capital’s 33 bridges in their best, most dazzling and colourful glory.

And if you’re really adventurous, have the time and a head for heights, let’s go further east and soar above the Greenwich Peninsula in the Emirates Cable Car to get a real bird’s eye view of Old Father Thames!

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