Virtual Harry Potter Round-Britain Tour

Well-known places all over Britain served as backdrops for the Harry Potter saga. On this special journey, you get to see some of them through the magic of technology and hear the stories behind them. All snugly settled in and ready to fly without any need for COVID tests or your feet even leaving the ground? Well then, let’s whiz off on the wizard tour!

About The Tour

No packing involved or lengthy road, rail or air delays. Just fire up the computer, curl up with a nice glass of something and let me take care of all the “travel arrangements”! As an extra treat I’ll be taking you further than the in-person travellers, but ssshhh, don’t let on!

On our journey, I’ll entertain you with tales of the making of the films and author JK Rowling’s rise to world fame as her book got kids reading again, then were successfully made into eight films that wowed them all young and old!

So not just London, but Oxford, where many of the school scenes were located, Buckinghamshire where I’ll tell you how an ordinary family’s life was turned upside down when the Warner Brothers locations department came a-calling, the lakeside idyll of Virginia Water and one or two Scottish glens, not to mention Auld Reekie itself (Edinburgh to you)! Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin!

NOTE: I can arrange this Virtual experience as a public tour or a group tour.

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