Westminster Abbey Crucifixion Statue

A bit of religious London hidden in plain sight. I nipped into the College Garden at Westminster Abbey at the beginning of 2019 when the world had no idea of our battle to come and re-discovered this beautiful life-size bronze sculpture. 

Enzo Plazzotta crafted this. He found his peace in London where he moved in 1947 to continue perfecting his technique after years fighting the Germans as a partisan in his home country of Italy. The sculpture was completed in 1974 but cast in Tuscany after his death in 1981. His family presented it to the Abbey in 1993.  

I love the way he’s depicted the expressions of the trio – the look of Jesus, arms raised in triumph as he realises one of the thieves he is being executed with has embraced his teachings. The expression of adoration on the face of the saved thief is in contrast to the look of utter despair on the face of the left-hand figure who has refused to believe. 

On the days the Abbey is open for visitors and the garden is as well, I hope you’ll take a look for yourselves and drink in the peaceful atmosphere of a haven in the middle of the city. 

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